European World of Bluegrass Festival
Looking back and ahead

"Maybe world peace
can start with a banjo intro."
- Liz Meyer

Looking back
It is fair to say that the European World Of Bluegrass festival (EWOB - The Netherlands) has become a household name within the bluegrass community. The aim of EWOB was to provide a platform for European bluegrass bands to promote and develop themselves. The EWOB format in the Netherlands has been successful throughout its 20 years. In recent years changes were noticeable in expectations, number of band applications, economic considerations, other initiatives, availability of volunteers, etc. The festival location also has become an unknown factor. Therefore the EWOB Board decided last year that the 20th Anniversary EWOB Festival would be the last one to be organized by the team in Voorthuizen.

Looking ahead
In order to help safeguard the legacy of EWOB for the future we are willing to support a serious  initiative aiming to continue the tradition elsewhere Europe, through sharing our experience and giving advice. 

EWOB was a unique multi-day gathering of a few hundred friends, musicians and bluegrass lovers with the possibility to perform, camp, jam and socialize. If certain criteria are met the EWOB board is willing to grant approval to 1 initiative to use the name ‘EWOB Festival’ and promote this on her EWOB-website and Facebook-page. We would expect:

  • A Board with a longer term vision and operating plan
  • A team of volunteers
  • An approach in line with the EWOB ideals
  • A mix of a concert venue, workshops, camping, jams and organized gigs in the area
  • The festival must aim to contribute to improving the overall quality of the European Bluegrass scene.
  • The organization must take financial responsibility and demonstrate professionalism
  • The festival must be operationally feasible

We hope that any organization willing to play an active role to preserve this unique annual event comes forward and contacts us through

We would like to thank everyone who has visited or sponsored EWOB in all these years and who helped make EWOB what is has become. Keep on playing, picking and jamming and enjoying the music we all love and I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Award winners 2017
Audience Popularity Award

#1 Old Salt


European World of Bluegrass 2017