European World of Bluegrass Festival
Looking ahead

"Maybe world peace
can start with a banjo intro."
- Liz Meyer

Mark your Calendar!

New Bluegrass Festival in Voorthuizen 10-11-12 May 2018!

As you might know the EWOB Festival as we knew it will no longer take place. However, we are very excited to announce a new Bluegrass Festival in Voorthuizen!
Just like EWOB, the new festival will take place during the long weekend of Ascension, 10-12 May, 2018. Also the location will remain unchanged for now.
The new festival will be similar to EWOB as we've known it.

There will be a few changes though:
- There will no longer be a band competition
- Bands will get more time on stage
- Therefore there will be less bands playing
- Bands will get better financial compensation for their performance

We are still working on the details, so please check back soon for more information and for the opportunity for bands to apply.

We hope to see you all in Voorthuizen in 2018!

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